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Checklist Before Proposal Submission

1. Have you counted the pages for each copy of each volume of the proposal to ensure that they are all present, in the correct numerical order?    
2. Are major sections of the proposal and any exhibits/appendices tabbed appropriately?    
3. Have you checked to make sure that the proper title page is with the appropriate volume?    
4. Are all volumes physically separated as necessary and provided in the required number of copies? (Unless otherwise required by the solicitation, we suggest using 3-ring binders for submitting proposal documents.)    
5. Have you double-checked the typing and arithmetic on the Schedule B? Are all of the unit prices correct? Make sure that amount shown equals the unit price multiplied by the quantity. If there is an arithmetic error, the Government will evaluate the pricing based upon the unit price.    
6. Have you typed your company's name at the top of each page of the Schedule B? (Non-applicable to construction bids.)    
7. Are all Request for Proposal documentation submittals signed and dated as required?    
8. Did you remember to include your company's CEC (Contractor Establishment Code)/DUNS number and CAGE code along with your company's name, address (including your county), telephone number, and facsimile number in the address block of Section A?    
9. Did you retain a complete copy of the proposal, including all portions of the price and technical, for your records?    
10. Have you verified the number of amendments issued and the proposal due date and time?    
11. Have all amendments been acknowledged? In addition to acknowledging them on Section A, you may want to include a signed acknowledgment (cover page) of each amendment.    
12. Are packages secured? You may want to seal envelopes and boxes with clear packing tape to ensure that adhesive seals do not loosen during transport.    
13. Are address labels correct? Each package should identify the sender (in the upper left corner); the recipient (in the center); and the solicitation number, service required, service locations(s), the volume enclosed (e.g., Volume II: Technical), the proposal due date and time (near the lower left corner).    
14. Have you verified receipt of the proposal with the Contracting Officer? If you are hand-delivering the proposal, prepare a receipt and have it signed, ensuring that both the date AND time of receipt is annotated.    

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