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Enhance Your Company's Experience with Resumes

You know that your company's past performance and experience are vital indicators to proposal evaluators, whether in the private or Government contracting sectors. Very often, resumes of your company's key management members and key project personnel are also requested.

Resumes included in your proposal can greatly enhance your company's experience as long as you keep these core elements in mind:

  • Provide as many details as possible. In describing the individual's work experiences, include, as applicable, such quantifiable data as
    • number of personnel supervised,
    • type and quantity of workload (e.g., "developed and implemented floor care program for over 1,000,000 square feet of ceramic tile and linoleum flooring in high traffic areas"),
    • special skills developed or used (e.g., "developed sales proposals in PowerPoint"),
    • response to specific challenges (e.g., "coordinated and implemented emergency clean-up efforts in response to Hurricane Andrew"), and
    • accomplishments (e.g., "improved response time to service calls by 15 percent through implementation of digital call system").

  • Include relevant details on education, degree(s), continuing training courses, certifications, and licenses.

  • List specialized knowledge and skills. This can include specific areas of technical expertise, such as experience with software and equipment.

  • List professional memberships and activities that are relevant to the proposed position.

  • Make sure the resume addresses the position requirements. The Government, especially, often determines minimum requirements for specific positions, and resumes of proposed personnel must meet or exceed these requirements. For example, if the solicitation requires that the individual assigned to Position Y possess at least an AA in tap dancing, do not propose an individual with a BA in ballet and a PhD in opera, even though you may feel that the second individual has even greater qualifications in a more difficult area. However, a candidate who exceeds the specified requirements--such as an individual who possesses a BA in tap dancing--would be ideal.

Carefully selected resumes filled with relevant details complement your company's experience and past performance, and can even be used to help "fill-in" as specific experience your company may be lacking.

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